Six Shooter (12/26/16)

Mom by Highly Suspect 

…is a stranger spilling your morning coffee

Mister Asylum (2015)

Genre: Hard Rock, Blues Rock (2009 – present)

Highlights: heavy electric guitar, hype breakdown at 3:50

If you like: Queens of the Stone age, Death from above 1979, Linkin Park, Royal Blood


King of the World by Weezer

…is the credits rolling

White Album (2016)

Genre: Alt Rock, Indie Rock, Pop punk (1992-present)

Highlights: catchy chorus, sing along, melodies

If you like: Jimmy Eat World, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Third Eye Blind, Oasis, White stripes


Boiled Frogs by Alexisonfire

…is two catholic school girls in a knife fight

Crisis (2006)

Genre: Post-Hardcore, Melodic-Hardcore, Screamo (2001 – present)

Highlights: Powerful, headbanging verses with melodic chorus

If you like: Thrice, Bullet For My Valentine, Architects


In Time by The Black Keys

…is sunglasses indoors

Turn Blue (2013)

Genre: Blues Rock, Indie Rock (2001- present)

Highlights: Cool blues + vibes. Impossible not to bob head.

If you like: Cage The Elephant, The White Stripes, Wolfmother, Alabama shakes, Cold War Kids


Gooey by Glass Animals

…is peanut butter vibes

Zaba (2014)

Genre: psychedelic rock, alternative R&B (2012 – present)

Highlights: Very vibey , calm and soothing

If you like: Alt J, Phantogram, Pink Floyd


Naïve by The Kooks

…is a new train on old wooden tracks

Inside The Inside Out (2005)

Genre: Indie Rock, Brit-Pop,Aalternative Rock (2004 – present)

Highlights: Killer guitar riff, Catchy as anything

If You Like: The Wombats, Ed Sheeran, Arctic Monkeys, The Strokes



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